Dental Fillings in Beverly Hills, CA

Fillings are one of the most common dental treatments used to repair minor tooth damage caused by decay or trauma. They help to restore the normal shape and function of a damaged tooth and prevent further decay by eliminating the roughness on your tooth that can trap bacteria.

There are different types of filling materials available in Beverly Hills, CA that are suitable for different situations depending on:

  • The extent of tooth decay
  • Position of damaged tooth
  • History of allergic reactions to certain dental materials
  • Cost of the material

Joshua Ayoub, DMD will customize your treatment plan for dental fillings and help you identify the best material for your case.

What to expect with Dental Fillings in Beverly Hills, CA

Dental fillings are typically placed in a single appointment. First, Dr. Ayoub will help you to choose the best type of fillings for your case. The common materials include:

  • Cast gold – a mixture of gold with silver, platinum, or palladium for best durability
  • Composite resin – tooth colored material for filling visible areas in the mouth
  • Porcelain – tooth colored material that can be mixed with metal for superior strength
  • Glass ionomer – great for people at high risk of cavities
  • Amalgam fillings - least expensive but will be noticeable in your smile

When you’re ready for the procedure, the tooth will be numbed to prevent any pain when preparing the tooth for filling placement. Tooth preparation involves:

  • Removal of any decay or old/damaged filling
  • Thoroughly cleaning the site
  • Application of a special medication to protect the tooth if the decay was close to the tooth nerve.

Many patients prefer tooth-colored porcelain or composite resin fillings. Depending on your choice, the shade of material that closely matches your teeth color will be selected and precisely placed, molded, and polished, helping to restore your decayed or damaged tooth to its original shape, size, and appearance.

The repair should last about 10 years with proper dental hygiene and habits, such as avoiding nail biting or wearing a night guard to manage grinding.

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Fillings are both a restorative and cosmetic dental procedure to restore the normal function of your mouth and aesthetic of your smile. To determine whether fillings are the right treatment for your case, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Ayoub in Beverly Hills, CA.